Research 2022: Health and Well-being among the Tibetan Diaspora in Chicago

In 2022, the second Mapping Global Chicago cohort focused on health and well-being in the Tibetan communities of Chicago. The research on this page is the result of student-led work on areas such as:

2022 Research Teams

Healing in the Diaspora: Radhika Kaicker, Layla Khazeni, Susie Truitt

Mapping Diaspora: Karena Danelian, Gabi Karlan, Sabrina Schlesinger, Hannah Siegel, Helene Worthington

Narratives of the Diaspora: Ellie Alden, Ethan Chen, Nati Giustini

Documentary: Eric Bebenov, Lisa Singh, Carol Zhao

We would also like to extend a special thanks to the Tibetan Alliance of Chicago (TAC) for welcoming us into their community center and collaborating with us to conduct our research this year.