About Us

Mapping Global Chicago is a collaborative undergraduate research lab housed by the University of Chicago’s Global Studies Program and directed by Professor Callie Maidhof.

Interested in getting involved in Mapping Global Chicago 2023?

We’re currently seeking student proposals and community partners for next year’s lab. If you’re interested in enrolling in the lab as a student, but don’t have a research proposal of your own, check back here in 2023 for the application. If you’ve got research ideas you think might work in a collaborative, undergraduate research lab, read on!


Student proposals may be authored by one or more undergraduates at the University of Chicago. A strong proposal will focus on specific neighborhoods, industries, or institutions connecting Chicago to a broader, “global” space through flows of capital, bodies, and ideas. Although the proposal itself will only be authored by one or a handful of students, the projects should be open to the participation of students from across the university, representing a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

The selected proposal will form the backbone of the Mapping Global Chicago Research Lab in Spring 2023, with the goal of producing interactive, web-based public scholarship based on the students’ design. This may include virtual tours, recorded interviews and other audiovisual content, written reports, infographics, recipes, interactive maps, podcasts, photo essays, short films, etc. 

The author of the selected proposal will be eligible for a paid research assistantship or an independent study for course credit in Winter 2023, and will be responsible for working alongside Professor Callie Maidhof to prepare for the Spring lab, including recruitment, organizing course materials, and working with partners on and off campus. 

Proposals are due in November 2022. If you have an idea or questions about this, please contact Professor Callie Maidhof (cmaidhof@uchicago.edu). 

Community partners:

Mapping Global Chicago aims to produce quality research with an eye to the public good. We prioritize accessibility and aim to build strong partnerships with organizations and individuals working to make Chicago a better place for everyone who lives here. If you have ideas for collaboration, or have a project you think would be appropriate for interdisciplinary undergraduate researchers, please contact Prof. Callie Maidhof (cmaidhof@uchicago.edu) to discuss this further.