Social Justice

Chicago has a rich history of political involvement and community organizing, which was made more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic. This project focused on the perseverance of student and community activism in Chicago, even in the face of such a historic tragedy.

Contibutors: Nico Emmanuel-Henderson, Lauren Leggett

Social Justice in Chicago 2020-2021

Against Cops and Bosses March-May 2021- UCPD Headquarters

Free Palestine Action May 15, 2021- Israeli Embassy

Free Palestine Action May 22, 2021- Grant Park

Justice for Adam Toledo March-April 2021

Interviews with Activist Leaders

Jin (she/they) is a student organizer with UChicago United’s #EthnicStudiesNow Campaign.

Alex (they/she) is Co-Director of Organizing at Dissenters, a national, youth-led, anti-militarist organizing collective.